Busy Week of Fun

This week has been a lot of running around and having lots of fun. We made “gods eyes” which is a different form of Native American dreamcatcher.


We went up to Holiday and saw a live reenactment of Bethlehem.


I enjoyed seeing all the animals and the free cookies afterwards. It was chilly out but I sucked my warmth from Mommy.


We had a payday at Airheads.


I have my first wiggler! Finally just shy of 7 years of age my tooth FINALLY got wiggly. Wonder how long it will take to fall out?


Grandma and Grandpa sent us a Lobster-Gram for Christmas and it came packed in dry ice. We had a blast playing with the dry ice. We made bubble soup.



We froze money and listened to it squeal.


One more week until Christmas and I can hardly wait!

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