Harvest Moon Corn Maze

We had a great time at the Harvest Moon Corn Maze near Brooksville.

They had three mazes. I only did two of them because I got a bit hit and tired. Plus Daddy threw a giant inflatable pumpkin at me and knocked me off the wall! Mommy left us alone for 5 minutes with Dad and he tried to bowl me down.

I liked the Square Pumpkin maze because it came with a story!

Mom read the story as we found the pages.

We found the lookout tower and tried to get our directions correct.

We were exhausted after several miles of walking around the maze.

Nothing a cold water and some jumping distractions couldn’t fix!


I got to pet a very soft bunny.

When B and Dad did the third maze, Mom took me to the barrel train. It was VERY bumpy!

We had a wonderful time and are totally exhausted now!

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