Sad Times

A few days ago our dear friends lost their floating home to a horrible boat fire. They came over to spend some time with us as they have been living in a hotel since the fire happened.

We played legos.


We built all sorts of crazy creations.


We explored at a local park and caught lots of lizards, bugs and frogs. My buddy caught a green anole. We promptly let it go because they are so rare to see since the Cuban Anoles have taken over their turf.


We hiked along a river. Well, I stayed with Mom, because that was the smart thing to do. B got stung by a wasp and everyone else had wet shoes.


After showers we played some extreme bay blades.


Dinner and a movie!


The boys decided to spend the night and we needed cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Mom and Dad took all 4 of us to the grocery store.


We formed out own little chain gang.


OOPS! Daddy left the cinnamon rolls in the car when we got home! They exploded out of their containers. No cinnamon rolls 🙁


Our friends didn’t last though the night, but they have been through a lot and wanted their parents. I feel horrible for everything the have been and are going through.

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