Rainbow Springs State Park Camping

We snuck out of town to enjoy some nature before the chaos of April. We took the popup up to Rainbow Springs State Park and Campground in Dunnellon, Florida. We spent a while learning to whittle while Mom and Dad set up camp.

We hiked the trails at the campground and checked out the river.

I like lichen!

We visted the state park and wandered the trails, waterfalls, butterfly garden and spring head.

Eventhough I can swim I prefered dry land.

I eventually got wet, a little!

I learned how to play pingpong.

We bought some cool rope at Tractor Supply and I made a lasso.

I caught a log.

Now working on the clothes line poles!


making them on my own.

When we got home we did a scavenger hunt and won free baseball tickets! We had a lot of fun hunting down the gnome! Cant wait to do that again!

What a great escape!

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