Enjoying the Cool Weather…FINALLY

Today we took Grandma Susie on an adventure to Weedon Island. We hiked the trails all over the place. We walked about 5 miles.


I liked keeping track on the trail markers.


It was very chilly out by the time we got to the tower. We only lasted a few minutes before we headed for the safety of the trees where it wasn’t as windy.



We warmed up with a lunch at Johnny’s Restaurant. I loved the Johnny Dough.


We played outside most of the day Monday and then came to 4-H and made some neat bristle bot robots.


We played hockey in PE. It was fun but I couldn’t really figure it out so I just ran back and forth with my hockey stick.


The elves are up to no good. Apparently they got in a fight with the rest of the toys in the house and ended up Gulliver Style taped to the cabinet!


Busy Day of FUN

We went to a Toys for Tots motorcycle parade today. They grew LOTS of candy and a few stuffed animals. We wore our hearing protection because the motorcycles are so terribly loud.


Look handsome, wave, smile, dash between bands of motorcycles for treats.


After the parade we worked on Christmas cookies. I was chief in charge of the sprinkles!



Between batches we played “tallest tower”. Mommy and I won.


Yummy cookies.



Daddy won the award for best froster and was given the task of frosting most of the star cookies.


Our elves have mostly behaved so far this year except that today they stole all the candy canes from the tree and hung them on the ceiling fan.


Holiday Lights at the Florida Botanical Gardens

This is one of my favorite holiday things that we do. I love seeing all the pretty lights at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.


This trumpet tree is amazing. The flowers actually grow like this. So pretty.



I think this is the closest I have ever gotten to Santa Claus, at least willingly.


Brotherly love.


I was exhausted when we got home and went right to sleep. Around 10pm I came out and said I couldn’t sleep because I had a bad dream. Mommy said I NEVER mention dreaming or dreams so this was worthy of a few minutes of snuggles before being tucked back into bed. I laid down on Mommy and I zonked out instantly and slept for over an hour snuggled on her before she carried me off to bed.


Ice Skating Lessons

Today I took an ice skating lesson at Tampa Bay Skating Academy in Oldsmar. We started with some off the ice work.


I had skated before so I was grouped with the bigger kids but I told Mommy I wanted to skate where they play with the toys, which was the little kid class.


I was skating wonderfully. Very few stumbles.


See everyone laying on the ice… not me!


Then they brought these things out for the real beginners and I managed to get ahold of one of them and refused to let it go. With the helper I could skate fast! REALLY FAST! SO FAST… that they took it away from me and I refused to skate without it. So that was it. Done. No more skating. I am stubborn!


After my epic meltdown about getting in trouble for going fast and loosing my helper thingy I went and sat not he sidelines with Grandma Susie who had some to watch us skate. I came home mad and ran into my room and ran straight into my bed frame. Apparently I am a lot taller than last time I ran into my room mad to dive under the raised bed into my stuffed animals. BONK!


Don’t worry. No major damage. I was back to my old monkey self after lunch and even showed Mom how I can get into my bed without using the ladder now! UGH!


Piano Preformances

This week I had two piano performances. We preformed at Chick-Fil-A on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater. I played Jingle Bells, Indian Song and a few others. I was NOT nervous at all.


Then on Friday I preformed at the Winter Recital for Creative Keys, where I take my piano lessons from Ms. Hayley.



Good thing I don’t have to use the foot pedals just yet! Everyone cheered when I gave a cute little bow at the end and skipped off stage.