Rain Fun

Mr. McWiz came over today and we did an experiment comparing the distance a rocket car will travel with different types of soda and Mentos.



After science we played with our new cameras. Mommy found is really nifty waterproof cameras since Breighton dunked his in Grand Cayman! OOPS! B took lots of pictures of me!



I took pictures of the cats!



Clearwater Threshers

We bought season tickets to the Threshers this year. Daddy got us seats right near the dugout for the home team. We have some amazing people sitting around us who cheer really loud!


We got to wander around the stadium when it was almost empty on season ticket pick up day. We had a great buffet dinner, where I ate NOTHING! Go figure! We rolled in the berm and had a great time.


Swimming and Learning

B is home sick today but I still got to go to my swimming lessons. I had fun after class playing with my new friend, Raffi.


After we got home, Breighton was feeling a bit better. We did a project he missed at his class. We learned all about how different fish adaptations allow fish to eat in different ways. We scraped, jabbed and sucked up beads, glitter and sand! How fun!