St. Louis Science Center

I slept in again this morning. Maybe this has something to to with the fact that I have been staying up until 9-9:30 Central. Mom thinks this is a disaster once we pick up Breighton. We will never go to sleep!


We went to the St. Louis Science Center today. I had fun building all sorts of arches.


I learned that the new roof on our house is totally awesome.


We saw a planetarium show where we had to lay on the ground to watch! I loved seeing all the stars above vs the cheesy things that some planetariums do for shows.


We had a ticket to visit the “discovery room” with our admission. I had fun playing with the water table. I made a raceway for the ducks.


I found this cool machine where you press a button and a disc inside spins and music comes out. It absolutely fascinated me!


I held a rainbow cockroach. Aren’t you proud Daddy?


There was an entire tank full!


They had a HUGE marble maze that was 3 stories high! I wanted to sit and eat lunch so we could watch it.


There was even a T Rex that killed a Triceratops!


It’s footprint was HUGE!!!


We had a great day learning all about science. I can’t wait to see Breighton tomorrow. I have missed him but I have really enjoyed my Mommy one on one time.

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