City Museum

I spelt in late this morning and when I got up I dragged a chair into the closet and decided I should have my breakfast there. What a goof!


We went to a place called “City Museum” today. It is an old industrial building converted into a play area/museum/art study and much more.


I wanted to check out the huge ball pit. I was a bit nervous at first.


Then I really got into it!


At this point I was the only one in the pit… can you find me? Later the ball pit because a war zone with big kids tossing balls so hard!


I was not excited about climbing int he structure but I managed to drag Mommy through all the small places and get almost to the airplane behind me.


This is what we were climbing through most of the time.


We visited the “World Aquarium” in the City Museum. It was small but fun.


I spent most of my day in the “skate less park”. Here I am getting ready to slide into one of the bowls.


This one was WAY higher and I would only do the half height drop ins. I was pretending to me a ninja and that people were stuck in giant bubbles. I had to pop the bubbles for them to stand up. Everytime someone went down the edge I ran up to them and chopped their bubble open!


The half pipe was awesome. I couldn’t quite make it up the other side but I soon figured out how to scale the wall. That is me in the center of the photo. There are four little squares behind me. You can crawl through any place you can fit at the City Museum. I loved crawling through all the holes.

Finally made it to the top!!!


They have an art studio as well. There was one room just for making fancy snowflakes. The lady helped me make one with a penguin. I got it laminated and Mommy bought me a book we can photocopy out of and make all sorts of animals. I want to make some with Grandma this summer!


The art studio had all sorts of odds and ends. I made a sculpture with a broken flashlight, metal bottle caps and plastic quarter machine eggs.


I painted lost of pictures. I even helped Mommy make a clay sculpture.


For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich. They made it with pretzel bread cut in half and toasted then the cheese was put in. I made it vanish in less than a few minutes!

Back to the skate-less park. I made it up to the top of the high ramp. I sat and watched the big kids do all sorts of crazy jumps.


Then I eventually slid down!


I wanted to go back to the ball pit but when we got there it was really crowded. I started to cry and Mommy said time to go. All said and done I was asleep within 2 minutes of getting in the car. What an awesome day! I am going to have Mommy bring Breighton back after camp.


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