Florida Aquarium

Our Great Exploration annual passes get us into the Florida Aquarium this month for free. We love to go see the otters.


Ignore the thumb. Breighton and I walked around for 30 minutes in the estuary area while Mommy saved us seats for he snail show. Breighton did a great job watching and taking care of me.


I want a pet falcon someday!


Mommy would NOT walk across the glass over the shark tank. We were rolling around on it! I think Mommy may have had a tiny heart attack.


There was a HUGE turtle in the giant tank. I wouldn’t take my eyes off of it.


After we finished seeing all the fish, we went out to Explore A Shore and had fun playing in the fountains.


Imagine that, EXHAUSTED! I slept for all of 5 minutes but it was a NAP!


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