Getting Around

If I see it… I want it! Unless it is my OWN toys. I am all over the house now. With my strange little crawl I can get most places rather quickly. I love to chase wires and other things that I shouldn’t touch!

This water bottle kept running away!


Watching the water bottle fly around the foyer, via Breighton!


In all my cuteness! 🙂


Snuggle time with Big Bro and Mommy.


Snuggle time (and a rare photo) with Daddy! 🙂


Pulling up???

Happy seven months to me today!! I am opting to celebrate by being cranky. Go figure! Last day of antibiotics is today! Hopefully in a few days my tummy won’t hurt so much.

Mommy brought in one of Breighton’s old toys for me today! I looked at it for a minute then pulled myself up! Go me!!